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Reducing the amount of paper is the best way we can help preserve the environment. It’s not difficult to use less paper!
We’ve demonstrated various easy and practical ways to reuse discarded paper from your office. Have a look and start reusing!
Unlike money, paper grows on trees. That’s why it’s important to think before using it unnecessarily. But, money is also made of paper, so money does grow on trees: Recycle Paper and save money!

Recent Products


Newspaper Bag (Large)

Size: 49cm x 38cm


Newspaper Bag (Medium)

Size: 35.5cm x 26cm x 8cm


Newspaper Bag (Small)

Size: 27cm x 22cm x 5.5cm


Recycled Paper Bag

Size: 35.5cm x 26cm x 8cm

Latest Projects

Empowering Women

Empowering Women

Along with the aim of involving private sectors in environmental conservation Green Circle has

Kitipur Women’s Group

Kitipur Women’s Group

Massive earthquake that hit Nepal few months ago led many families suffer economically. With

EPSA Nepal

EPSA Nepal

From EPSA Nepal around 10 women are getting benefited through the training on making

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